Our World, Poetry by Roderick Dupree

Genre: Society

Our World by Roderick Dupree

Looking left all my brothers turned thugs

Looking right my sisters sexing for love

Look up praying for change amongst us

Look down hoping the message was received from above

I see the same problems everyday





A boy being a man before understanding his own way

A girl being a woman for confidence outside her doorway

Equals another soul taken before their birthday

I’ve seen days darken in the time of sunshine

I’ve seen dreams disappear at a point in time

Leaders promising followers a sure prize

Reality hitting followers with a surprise

Call upon the protect and serve to survive

Protect our rights when they decide

Serve our calling in disguise

Crucified for looking guilty because of my roots history

Only God can judge me but the gavel says differently

The circle of death continues

Different people

Same murders

New venues

Everyday life of new issues

Same book

Different chapters

Never ending sequels

Dreams of our world being saved

For staged opportunities for change

As we all once prayed

Living life through venegenance

As redemption feeds our heart engine’s

We want change

But never in attendance

    * * * * *

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