Regret, Poetry by Ella Godinez

 I think that I’m starting to move on
It’s not easy but just carry on
I’ve done all the things that could distract me from thinking about him
But I just really could not get rid of my feelings towards him

My heart was broken like a glass that fell from a table
At first I thought we were unbreakable
Everything that I think about you was wrong
Didn’t know that loving you could turn out wrong

We were once so happy
When I haven’t tell you yet this kind of feelings that makes me giddy
Everytime you sit and talk to me
There’s still no awkward feeling you get when you’re with me

I now regret all the wrong decisions I made
All of the things you said cuts like a blade
You won’t even care when you see me bleed
If there’s a bidding to save me you wont bid

But hey, guess what?
Thanks for all of that
Now I know what I really want
Not a guy that would just taste a gum and spit it out

You wasted your chance
You already got me in your hands
But you still chose to break my heart
Now, goodbye,I wont be chasing a guy that has a cold stone heart

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship, Romance


    * * * * *

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