HER CATASTROPHE, Poetry by Rachel O


Her catastrophe will lead you to ecstasy

Her Pain will teach you empathy

Her sorrows drain your sympathy

While her strength will challenge you structurally…..

Her caress will linger with your distress…..

have you begging for her to undress,

All, as her eloquence clenches to your very chest

Whilst you strive for that bounty we call his breast…….

She gazes at us all and requests

a simple retrieve,

from the bundles and loads and cosomos she holds

However, rarely seeking the latrine

Life’s Salient Saline…

Ever Silent as a stone, We a mixed bag of souls, as she boldy holds the bones of your erroded domes…..

And her breath will cast your energy……..

But will you recall at her eulogy?

Logged in you minds etymology?

Her androgynous antiquity?

Her grace spun like tapestry?

I quarry, will you even remember me?



    * * * * *

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