Magnet Effect, Poetry by Jellian Nacalaban

Genre: Love

 Conflicting sides of the universe:
Left and right; yin and yang; North and south,
Opposite side of the spectrum.
Like two forces on either side of a beam
With the fulcrum on the center – balancing
Equating without negating each other;
Take out either of the two and the other will be nothing,
An empty subset of the cosmos.
There won’t be one thing without the other,
There won’t be this without that;
There won’t be me without you.
We are like two opposite sides from different magnets,
That when directed by some greater force attract,
Like different jigsaw pieces from the same puzzle,
We fit – edges and all.
It’s science.
It’s a systematic arrangement of nature,
That you and me belong together.
Like left and right, yin and yang, north and south
Opposite side of the spectrum,
Pre-destined by the universe to coexist,
And balance each other. Forever


    * * * * *

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