The inner conscience – Break Free (Save Me), Poetry by Raeshon Woodhouse

 Genre: Dark Twisted Reality

She don’t wanna go back home, she don’t wanna die tonight, every time she goes on the road, she dies a little more inside. She don’t wanna love him no more, cause all the love do is make her cry, she searching for the truth in a bottle after being told all the lies.

She just wanna live her life, take a break from this guy, She’s been contemplating suicide. She’s about to turn 25, Her last man did her wrong, told her a bunch of lies. They always used to fight back and forth, she stabbed him with a fork, he gave her a black eye. Got the baby upstairs, the baby needs to change, cause all it does is sleep and cry.

It all started last month, they were slow on the rent, they were both looking for some closure. Then he said lets start trappin but you know she ain’t trappin, this woman she got some morals. She couldn’t believe what she heard, he must’ve thought she was a bird, now she’s saying that it’s over. But he says it ain’t over until he says so, he wants to go and control her. Now she looking up to God, while he’s beating on her face, she just wants it to be over. She don’t know what’s up with this guy, or what he has became, he turned into a monster. Now every time she looks at him, straight fear in her eyes, she called up her friend Sonya. Said she needs to leave, or she’s calling the police cause she’s living with a monster.

She’s tryna call 911, she called her friend and mom, she’s praying for God to watch her kid. Cause shits getting real, he’s applying pressure where it hurts, while pointing a gun at her ribs. He says one more word and everybody dies and yes, that does include the kid. So she doesn’t say a word but the look in her eyes says “fuck you I wish we never kissed.” Now he hangs up the phone, they all alone at home. He’s pacing back and forth. He’s losing control, still holding his side from when she stabbed him with the fork. He says “after all I’ve done, for you and this kid, you wanna go and leave me” she said “you aren’t the man that I met last year, now all you do is beat me.” He said “I thought I said not to say any more words” that right there was the last straw. They were both going at it for a little while longer until suddenly shots rang off.

Two thuds hit the ground, other tenants heard the sound, everybody came rushing to the door. Sonya came with the police, they arrived at the scene then asked everybody what’s going on. They explained what happened, they described it as madness, we heard it all the way from the next floor. They all made their way inside and was so surprised to see two bodies laying there on the floor.. Bullet holes in her body, another in his head, while the baby is upstairs crying. You don’t have to go through this, I know everybody dies but there’s a better way of dying…

BlackCrowns, Copyright 2016


    * * * * *

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