The Restoration of a Broken Lady, Poetry by Damita Maclin

 Genre: Hope, Inspirational

How has America been so great?
When she is afflicted with poverty and taught to be filled with hate.
Surely, not when her lands were raped
By immigrants desperately trying to escape
She has been flooded, swept over, and her forests still burn.
Her soil poisoned with innocent bloodshed at every turn.
She has been lied to more than she’s been laid upon
Disrespected with trash and toxins in rivers, lakes, and ponds
She has been drilled, shattered, exploited, and spat upon since she can remember.
No longer being loved and cared for; respectfully and tender
Her arms stretch continuously from East to West.
However, in comparison her love for others is still the best.
She does not judge the fact that people just want to live.
She is the CEO of trillions from crops to cotton because she gives.
America, the beautiful; land of the free
But, she has been enslaved since the first settlers crossed the sea.
She has been separated from her Mother since the tectonic plate shift
Yet, she has been bought and sold more than Christmas gifts.
America, the beautiful; home of the brave
But, oh how she has been cried upon over unnamed graves.
May God bless America, land that I love.
Continue to heal her with the sun and the rains from above.
Stand beside her as she struggles to stand for justice for all.
And guide her safely with love and equality as a cure all
Across mountains, shout and from prairies other can scream
To oceans and backwoods that America still has a dream!
That regardless of her pain
While others calculate their gains
All America has needed was to be cherished,
Loved by Americans with gentleness
She has always been great
In spite of some people’s ignorance and hate
She is waiting for an apology as we regain her trust
But, that takes love and including ALL of us!!




    * * * * *

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