Wild Trumpasaurus, Poetry by Matthew Scott Harris

 Genre: Life

Trumpasaurus extinction iz a cockamamie rumor gone wild
thee above mentioned puckish, quasi-roguish, scarily threatening
utterly vainglorious wicked yikyak decreed donnybrook con
Vince singly fostered and feigned (with assistance from the grim reaper)
his deathly hallowed demise, though all the while in reality
donning himself with requisite accoutrements (such as coiffed,
colored, and cosseted image) as most terrible lizard and/or doubling
to play in a contra band one foo fighting doobie brother, sic:
wild arse beastie boy known to roam terrestrial firmament,
whose ego throve on moost pernicious incubated fabrications,
* * * * * * * * * *
Confabulations, and adulterations (hijacking thru nay saying
scientific rubric) especially factual evidence (sh…Keep
the following on the QT) monstrosity runs amuck disguised
as the beefy size oscar wilde sabotaging viz hiz eccentricity,
the basic fabric, and lyric swan song with refrain of i.e.
e pluribus Unum, that rallied generations of folks wild
with fortitude thus, this huzzah bin feels imperative mission
to broadcast this missive to exclaim vis a vis, this handy dandy
blues clues fierce some infant terrible will upend long entrenched
democratic theory, (loosed from forefathers – centuries ago
* * * * * * * * * *
As a wild and crazy idea fixx) will bid a permanent catastrophic
bed dee bye boo to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
sans faux tricked putative death complete with the funereal
trappings rigged to eliciting truth to power, sans foursquare
contrived extinction reeks foul, and pea brained reptilian
deigns to o’er shadow (donned incognito as a dapper
democratic dilettante) scrapping the declaration of independence
and constitution with wild eyed excitement, he invites
Vladimir Putin to join ranks so together these free ranging pals
can hinder peace on earth, foment wild pandemonium, and define
* * * * * * * * * *
A greater giving a more harrowing definition as persona
non grata amidst the legendary legions that comprise panoply
of cut throat rogues night gallery thee unnamable overlooked
jabberwocky inscrutable hoax genii us wrought wish (with a
whoosh) to manifest as crude dude exude ding sinister
specie savors supremacy and floods the market with
gewgaws of his likeness (gamut of gnarly guised gizmos,
and game pieces life size or miniature model available
at sundry department stores wherever schlocky plastic
model toys sold)popular trapping of childhood imagination –
* * * * * * * * * *
imbued via vainglorious ventriloquist inciting fiendish cry
such kiddy paraphernalia forever a top selling plaything
snapped off shelves leaving allocated space bone dry
since time immemorial dinosaur makeshift gewgaws
did cap cha ominous jaws, and populated fertile land
of cave dwellers whereat swaddled kinder babes bellowed
believable farcically feigned ferocious fabrications
foraging bankrupt foretold foreclosure to espy real McCoy
perhaps assembled from mud, rocks and sticks
voicing noisome predators snatching innocent prey –
* * * * * * * * * *
Ripping to tatters and shreds unlucky victim rarely escaping
in fizz hicks of time – witnessed first hand proof positive
how me came that close (pinch thumb with index finger)
telly tubby simian snack aye haint fool’n witch cha,
nar doth this medieval troubadour –spin a yarn
approximating verity of nasty Hobbesian brute
trumpeting fiercely bruited his bombastic buzz hard
carrion feed small fry to Golgotha donning topface,
could dice in a flickr emulate, and twitter
ring one excited live hotmail riding Pegasus,
* * * * * * * * * *
While those in his Isis Petsmart warpath
on outlook to avoid get linkedin, per imp (of
the pervert) pale’n maws simultaneously masticating
and able to shutterfly hither and yon, to and fro rousing
seditious rogues gallery of reprobate ruthless minions –
ruminants to become apprenticed fired up en mass thru
the art of the deal vis a vis venal pet peeves (pygmy male hominids),
who revered his racially stirred debacle while straddling
as a humungous towering Taj ma hill, he pill or reed
like lex lucifer usurpation, whence auld dish diehard
* * * * * * * * * *
Don nah sore dominated as demented species, thus,
he didst not perish from this earth boot yielded wild
hest emperor – elected by the peephole,
four the pea pull, of the peep pill.


    * * * * *

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