Disease S.U. , Poetry by Darrell Herbert

 Genre: Life, Society


When I was thirteen I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer disease
It would make me lose a substantial amount of weight
And bleed
And bleed
And bleed

From my mouth
I vomited on my doubts

I lost my ability to feel anger, sadness, or nervous
If I did, the pain would attack
It would start from my chest, it would sometimes travel all the way to my back
It felt like a heart attack
An attack I was unable to counteract

I lost my ability to make friends
They would see me twitch my body over, and over, and over again
The pain caused them to leave
No cure for such a deadly disease
Yet, my heart and my weight loss never turned a new leaf

Hate feeling like someone is stabbing me from the inside out
Pissing me off, piss in your mouth
While you give blow jobs to call girls on the couch
Cash me outside, how bout that?
You put me on blast
Committing suicide with thumbtacks
Graduated at my funeral, no caps
I, I am frail
Color-blind, yet, so pail
And your cleavage is like the Holy Grail
Lord knows you fucking failed
Oh, is it lit?
All you want to do is be a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
But, your vagina stretches out like pogo sticks
Initials, A.K., reload the clip
Let it rip while he cums across your clit
Acid, having sex using no plastic in Phryne’s casket
Love, I need some
If two wrongs don’t make a right, what’s a threesome?

Stall a bitch before she calls it quits
Stall a bitch before she calls it quits
Stall a bitch before she calls it quits
And if she calls it quits, call the bitch
The number you have dialed is a bleeding wrist
Netflix or blockbusters
Cockblocker or cocksuckers
So what?
One nut
I’m an Einstein to these dumb-fucks
That’s nonsense
Two cents in deposits
Top bitch, topless
But, my insecurities sky rocketed like rockets
The impossible just became possible
But, her pussy is like pop tarts, popping off popsicles



    * * * * *

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