Poem: JUST A PIECE, by Nittystan

Genre:  Life,

My love for poetry hasn’t been a smooth journey, with setbacks on the first mile ,heartbreaks down the bridge, breakups on the high bumps and makeups on the sight of the green light signaling a way forward , but i chose her and swore to never leave. So this time my new poet friend, Jane, wakes me up with a catchy text. “Hey handsome, today is his born day, and i have a lot on my mind can’t come up with something, kindly write me a sweet piece, one with love and affection, just direct it to me and i will edit it, exactly the one you’d write to your boo, I trust you.” So i start writing, that piece that made Lucy mushy, shed tears and say yes to me. Then i sent. While reminiscing on my creativity, it kept me thinking, my mother must have been a boxer, so much punch lines in it. Just then Lucy bumps in from the shop, and grabs my phone to see what’s making me smile. The timing was wrong, because Jane replies with the love emoji mimic saying “.i love you too”. She dropped everything and left, never said a word. Sent me a text message of how i was too dammed to seduce women with one piece. I tried to explain it to her but she said it no longer meant anything, that she was too stupid to have believed me. That it was, just a piece, a piece from a poet, and so we were done. Few weeks later, we would still hangout though, do some catch up, eat some kebab, chicken and fries, just the way she liked it, played some games, hide and seek, peek a boo, go for movies, bicycle rides, play in the rain, and hang out for dinner just like before, just that it was different, we were friends. I knew she missed us, I mean, I did, but she dint trust me. So this time she comes home for dinner. Finds my poetry book and decides to peruse as I prepare something for the stomach. She finds her way to my new piece “silent confession” of how i missed us, how she got it all wrong. How i longed to kiss her during those movie sessions just like before, .how i wished she took time to understand everything, how i wished she realized it and come back, how i still loved her so much and would still take her back, how she meant the whole world to me, how she was still the cutest thing I had ever seen, how i wished she could read it. So she comes straight to me in the kitchen, gives me a deep kiss and says of how she is sorry, that she now understands perfectly what transpired and that she loved me too, that I was still the cutest thing she had ever seen and wanted us back together, that she had read it. I smiled back, gave her a deep kiss and whispered to her right ear, “I wish it was true, but it is, just a piece, a piece from a poet”.@Nittystanpoet


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