Read Poetry: Time Passing So Quickly, by Kayla Krilove

Genre: Inspirational, Society

Youth was there with baby teeth
the teeth then left and left me be
I walked into this smaller place
I was so small so little much grace
And there they were
blue, red, and brightly colored walls
they want us all to feel as tall.
We shared in circles and sang in groups
Dressed in our costumes we walked in loops
The wooden playground that once stood strong
Now a distant memory
We must move on

Yet then I grew and matched the goal
I reached the top
I jumped, I rolled
All the way past Margos bench
Until there was no where left
I really wanted to go.

I left the small rooms with fake happy trees
for there were no more lies that I could not see
I was smarter, louder, and bigger now
The trees that once clouded me were shaken down.
We were the oldest ones now leading the pack
Yet embarking on a journey in which courage we could not lack.
The song we once sang when five years of age
Now helping us turn a completely new page.

For here I stand, youth tinted but clear
and seeing the things I once had feared
Exploring the art I never knew was there
witnessing the life that hadn’t been shared.
Admiring the kids I’d one day be
A day so distant back then
A day I never thought I’d see.

For here I stand, youth growing but still
Now bigger than I have ever been
yet smaller than I will ever be.
Surrounded by love and growing compassion
I begin to grow up in a fast pace fashion.
For once again we lead the pack
Still searching for courage we know not to lack.
It took thirteen years to truly know to say
The impact these walls have had on our days.

For there I stand, youth clear through memories
I walk into this bigger place
I am so big, so tall, still so much grace
and there they are
white, black, grey dull colored walls,
that I won’t let– make me feel small.
For what I know and will stay with me forever
Is that truly we are all in this together.



* * * * *

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