Read Poetry: Outrunning The Rain – by David E. Gates

 Genre: Rhyme, Life

 Outrunning The Rain – by David E. Gates

Outrunning the rain.

Outgunning the pain.

Fighting back the tears.

Even though it’s been years.

Like drops from the sky,

They multiply.

Each glistening and clear.

Each a perfect tear.

Outrunning the rain.

On board the train.

Swept away on the tracks.

As emotion racks.

Biting my lip.

So my cover won’t slip.

Keeping up face.

No matter the place.

Outrunning the rain.

Feeling the strain.

Pain doesn’t subside.

I just want to hide.

Away from the looks.

And into my books.

Distraction is key.

For my sanity.

Outrunning the rain,

Another smile I feign,

They say it won’t last.

The pain will soon pass.

Isn’t like that for me.

It has longevity.

Though I’m better each day.

With strength I’ll outstay.

Outrunning the rain.

Dousing the flame.

Memories keep me sane.

Outrunning the rain.

© Copyright – 2017 – David E. Gates (Shelley Show Productions)



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