Read Poetry: 25, by Clen Nyambose

Genre:  forgiveness ,coming of age

Means I have survived a lot
Saw daylight in a solar eclipse
I am learning to breathe again
A love affair with the lungs
Where inhale is ecstasy and exhale is torture
The is no more room in forgetting
I have buried too many skeletons in here
So much so that they outweigh the living

Should feel like a new begging
Like painting footsteps on landscapes
This is where the mind escapes
Hope is clutching on to your loved ounce’s hands like forever
But forever is planted in our memories and it doesn’t always bear roots
It sees what we see, loves who we have loved
And like us it mourns when their gone

Is acknowledging the living
Sometimes this also means forgiving does that our gone
“Dad I know that you’re gone, but am not yet at the point of forgiving’’
16 I was angry
20 I tried forgetting
But 25 seems to be the hardest
This is me learning to survive within myself
A battle ground between the mind and heart
I am rooted to this centre of gravity
Where the only anchor that seems to hold me down is family

Is a mystery
A domestic domicile of wizardry
Where fruition of one’s future is alchemy
I look to the stars trying to plot destiny
So I fish hook the world and bate it with poetry
But words seems to be my only provision for the mourning
A meal that consumes me hole heartedly
Maybe am an oddesy, no maybe am an artist
See what the world has left of me?

Is a dream at the edge of a nightmare begging me to jump in?
A myth of what a person is suppose be
A lapricon at the end of a rainbow
It’s digging yourself out of a grave
And willing yourself to fight
To live
Every breather is an act of defiance
The is a revolution brewing in our tongues
We are learning to untie ourselves from our bonds
To shed our masks and be ourselves
To love ourselves
To love myself
It’s knowing that life demands that we look beyond ourselves
That I am my brother keeper and loving each other demands that we dig deep

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