Read Poem: WORLD OF GAME, by Mantri Mark

(This song is dedicated to Athletes, Games & Sports personnel)

Best Be a Dare Devil
Olympics Best You Worked Hard
Efforts Lead to Success
Try and Win World of Game ǁ

Best of Luck You’re Strong
You’ve Blessing from Nature
The Deeds Are Cheers to Your Land
Best You Swing Like a Spring ǁ

Your Actions Are Great
People Welcome Sportive Work
Can’t Imagine Style of Actions
You’re Great, Like a Legend ǁ

Power of Sport Is Laudable One
Nobody Stops Your Dashing Speed
Competition Is For You to Clinch
Win, Cup and Gold ǁ

Be True To Conscious Game
You’re to Support the Team
No End for Dashing Style
Be In the Legendary’s List ǁ

Be For Style of Life
People like Stylish Moves
Cups and Medals are Game of Life
Raising Hand Is the Luck of Stars ǁ

You’re Bold and Brave
Prove Your Worth for Land of Soil
Love will Shower on Acts of Success
You’re Great In This World of Sportǁ

Time Can’t Stop Speedy Acts
Seasons Change, But, No Halt to Speed
Who Can Stop Forehead Stars?
Golden Day’s Ahead, Further in The Game ǁ

The Best, You’re the Best
Hopes, Be Have the Hopes
Great, You’re the Great
Try A Gold for Your Land


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