What I Thought, This World Today
Is Not That World, I Expected
Reigns of Rulers, Years Rolled
Rules Have Gone, it’s Dictators Era ǁ

Confrontations and Conflicts Still In Vogue
There Is No Day without a Conflict
Combats Have Become Order Of The Day
Intra-Country Combats Are the Regular Features ǁ

No Day Left For Inter-Party Conflicts
Whole World Watches Ongoing Combats
Who Support Whom, For Support and Sanctions
World Combats Sure, A Day Is Not Far ǁ

War Like Conflict, Looks to Be Common
People Suffer Due To Power-Sake Rule
Value to Life, No Country Thinks
War May Erupt, Can Lead to Casualties ǁ

People Gave Power, To Rulers to Rule
People Gave Power, To Keep the Environment Good
People’s Ambition, Enact the Rule
Peoples Aspirations, Hope To Be Good ǁ

Misunderstandings and precipitations are often seen
Who is not great, as said and done?
All countries are great, as countrymen feel so
Dangers are seen through terrorism strikes ǁ

People are hit and killed through wars of terrorism
Countless casualties in war hit zones
Epics and diseases hit the people for long
Properties get damaged and never recovered in life ǁ

Lives and property hit through chemical bombings
Normal life dislocates throughout the world
Lost economy never regains for decades
Hopeless conditions people have to confront ǁ

Governments collapse over the years
Peoples’ sufferance’s lead to epidemic diseases
Wiseman decisions lead to avoidance of conflicts
Ceasefire agreements can stop combats for a breathe ǁ

Judgments and decisions are good for peace
Who blames who, is the point of thought
Policies and governance are the duty of government
Efficiency of Rulers prove the handling of situation ǁ


Read Poem: LOVELY NATURE, by Mantri Mark

Mary Mother, You are the Universe

O My Lord, we bowdown to you ǁ

Feel happy at the natural sites

Pleasantness comes in life

Feel happy at River-flow site

One’s ideas flow like Water flow ǁ

Pray my Nature and Mary Mother Goddess for my Birth

God-ness is beautiful nature

Nature belongs to living beings

Preserve my beauty land ǁ

I feel happy to adore my Nature

My loving the Nature, is my loving the Universe

My breathing the oxygen, is my living the life

I can’t pack the Air, but for my deeds ǁ

Beauty lies in the farm land

Waterfalls is the life-line

Life’s happiness is the river flow

No pollute the Water and Air ǁ

Am here in this glittering World

Nature has compositions

Nature knew its compositions well

Nature has hidden healing powers ǁ

Avoid and avoid, Conflicts and Combats

Mind vary from Leader to Leader

Hope to be optimistic for Peace and Tranquility

Don’t suggest for Gun and Bomb Culture ǁ

People in Power, can’t act fast

Power is not for Combats and Conflicts

Souls weep if lives are lost

Cursing can ruin the heredity’s soon ǁ

Read Poem: WORLD OF GAME, by Mantri Mark

(This song is dedicated to Athletes, Games & Sports personnel)

Best Be a Dare Devil
Olympics Best You Worked Hard
Efforts Lead to Success
Try and Win World of Game ǁ

Best of Luck You’re Strong
You’ve Blessing from Nature
The Deeds Are Cheers to Your Land
Best You Swing Like a Spring ǁ

Your Actions Are Great
People Welcome Sportive Work
Can’t Imagine Style of Actions
You’re Great, Like a Legend ǁ

Power of Sport Is Laudable One
Nobody Stops Your Dashing Speed
Competition Is For You to Clinch
Win, Cup and Gold ǁ

Be True To Conscious Game
You’re to Support the Team
No End for Dashing Style
Be In the Legendary’s List ǁ

Be For Style of Life
People like Stylish Moves
Cups and Medals are Game of Life
Raising Hand Is the Luck of Stars ǁ

You’re Bold and Brave
Prove Your Worth for Land of Soil
Love will Shower on Acts of Success
You’re Great In This World of Sportǁ

Time Can’t Stop Speedy Acts
Seasons Change, But, No Halt to Speed
Who Can Stop Forehead Stars?
Golden Day’s Ahead, Further in The Game ǁ

The Best, You’re the Best
Hopes, Be Have the Hopes
Great, You’re the Great
Try A Gold for Your Land

Read Poem: DON’T GO BEYOND, by Mantri Mark

(POETRY-cum-SONG Lyrics)

Yeh! What is this, my lovely dear?
What happened to you today?
You’re with me, don’t be in haste
The day is yours, I endorse you ǁ

The time is running, but, you aren’t
A lovely night never ends fast
Night and day, rolls and rolls
Plenty of time to roll and roll ǁ

You’re here to kiss me too
Our gigantic moods, rolling well
Night long program can’t go fast
Slow and slow, justify the night ǁ

End and ends, there is no end
Where we land, night only tell
We are there to understand well
The night is lost, love has a brake ǁ

Don’t go beyond to reach the heart
Fast and fast makes me hurt
Slow and steady, our love live long
Great days ahead, don’t be in hurry ǁ

I follow code of life behavior
I use minimum ethics in life
I can’t allow people to go beyond
It’s just a life with code of discipline ǁ

I can’t understand where beyond stands
Where one can see the beyond halts
Can anybody give the beyond specification
As I feel that there is no end to beyond ǁ

Don’t Go Beyond
As one can see no reason to go beyond
Likes and dislikes are within the beyond
One should know the signals of beyond ǁ

Worth and not worth are within the beyond
Hopes and deals are within the beyond
Never go beyond as things may go wrong
One within the limits can’t go beyond ǁ


You are glamorous, hale and healthy

Tall, beautiful and mind-blowing

A charming face and sparkling eyes

A beautiful parrot nose ǁ

Good ears with a diamond studded rings

Smart speaking mouth with lipstick on

The best structure ever created by the Lord

Smooth and shining lengthy arms ǁ

Beautiful legs similar to Himalayan heights

Walking style out beats any Angel style

When enters a hall full of chattering people

Full of life in the function hall ǁ

Sudden hush foreseen as everyone fell silent

All heads turn to gaze at the radiant lovely vision

Her glowing complexion with twinkling eyes

Long lashes and full smiling mouth ǁ

Mass of swirling way and long hair

As beautiful as like an Angel looking crazy

Always warm, smiling and welcoming

Enjoy discussing the books that she read ǁ

Especially, the intellectually satisfying ones

No doubt, she is from the rolls of Angels

Whoever looked at her, they forget everything

No other go, people admire her beauty ǁ

She is the blessing and a gift

It’s a Nature-Lord joint venture beauty girl

Wonders of wonder is nothing before her beauty

The Lord created this eight wonder beauty girl ǁ

Marilyn Monroe is the one we heard so

She is the replica, a gift from the Universe

Oh! What a beauty, what a style

People faint when such beauties foreseen ǁ

The life is nothing, but admiring the beauty ǁ

Oh! Nature, give me beauty life

Oh! Lord, give me charming life

Oh! God, give me love and affection

Oh! Moon, give me pleasantness

Oh! Universe, give me trouble-free life ǁ