What I Thought, This World Today
Is Not That World, I Expected
Reigns of Rulers, Years Rolled
Rules Have Gone, it’s Dictators Era ǁ

Confrontations and Conflicts Still In Vogue
There Is No Day without a Conflict
Combats Have Become Order Of The Day
Intra-Country Combats Are the Regular Features ǁ

No Day Left For Inter-Party Conflicts
Whole World Watches Ongoing Combats
Who Support Whom, For Support and Sanctions
World Combats Sure, A Day Is Not Far ǁ

War Like Conflict, Looks to Be Common
People Suffer Due To Power-Sake Rule
Value to Life, No Country Thinks
War May Erupt, Can Lead to Casualties ǁ

People Gave Power, To Rulers to Rule
People Gave Power, To Keep the Environment Good
People’s Ambition, Enact the Rule
Peoples Aspirations, Hope To Be Good ǁ

Misunderstandings and precipitations are often seen
Who is not great, as said and done?
All countries are great, as countrymen feel so
Dangers are seen through terrorism strikes ǁ

People are hit and killed through wars of terrorism
Countless casualties in war hit zones
Epics and diseases hit the people for long
Properties get damaged and never recovered in life ǁ

Lives and property hit through chemical bombings
Normal life dislocates throughout the world
Lost economy never regains for decades
Hopeless conditions people have to confront ǁ

Governments collapse over the years
Peoples’ sufferance’s lead to epidemic diseases
Wiseman decisions lead to avoidance of conflicts
Ceasefire agreements can stop combats for a breathe ǁ

Judgments and decisions are good for peace
Who blames who, is the point of thought
Policies and governance are the duty of government
Efficiency of Rulers prove the handling of situation ǁ


Author: poetryfest

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