Read Poem: DON’T GO BEYOND, by Mantri Mark

(POETRY-cum-SONG Lyrics)

Yeh! What is this, my lovely dear?
What happened to you today?
You’re with me, don’t be in haste
The day is yours, I endorse you ǁ

The time is running, but, you aren’t
A lovely night never ends fast
Night and day, rolls and rolls
Plenty of time to roll and roll ǁ

You’re here to kiss me too
Our gigantic moods, rolling well
Night long program can’t go fast
Slow and slow, justify the night ǁ

End and ends, there is no end
Where we land, night only tell
We are there to understand well
The night is lost, love has a brake ǁ

Don’t go beyond to reach the heart
Fast and fast makes me hurt
Slow and steady, our love live long
Great days ahead, don’t be in hurry ǁ

I follow code of life behavior
I use minimum ethics in life
I can’t allow people to go beyond
It’s just a life with code of discipline ǁ

I can’t understand where beyond stands
Where one can see the beyond halts
Can anybody give the beyond specification
As I feel that there is no end to beyond ǁ

Don’t Go Beyond
As one can see no reason to go beyond
Likes and dislikes are within the beyond
One should know the signals of beyond ǁ

Worth and not worth are within the beyond
Hopes and deals are within the beyond
Never go beyond as things may go wrong
One within the limits can’t go beyond ǁ