Read Poem: In Time by Alex Clay

Thy lonely voice and somber tone
Of melancholy words ‘ere spoken
To linger here and left alone
Amongst dreams thy thoughts have broken
Whilst sitting still enduring all
The fathoms of thine emptiness
Mine own demise in time befall
My mourning without recompense
Thy earthly form to sever thee
From this final mortal coil
To dance afar and wander free
Left behind this lonely toil
Many a year shall pass my time
And giveth small reminder
The longest mountain I must climb
To light thy flame much brighter
Thou art asleep to wake not soon
By thine own hands’ destruction
Yet still in death as bright as moon
The mortician’s reproduction
Embalmed in flame I set abroad
Thine ashes tossed asunder
A chosen place the esplanade
The birth of nature’s wonder
Now rest my love and wander not
The shoreline still with water
Rest in peace and not forgot
Mother, wife, and daughter.

Dedicated to Kaitlyn Marie

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