Read Poem: Grandma and Alzheimer’s by Missy Sue Singhaus

Alzheimer’s is not a pretty site,

It has no age that it affects

It can affect the young and old.

It takes a caring old lady into someone you don’t know.

As time passes things get worse and the sweet old lady is no longer there.

She is gone, she is someone you don’t know, and no longer is caring

But a stranger, empty soul, empty eyes looking at you

No longer can communicate their needs

Back to childhood without a voice

Their needs are strange and hard to understand

As time goes on they forget to how to walk,

Their communication is gone,

They cry in frustration

They cry out in pain

They know they are a stranger

And that you’re a stranger to them

Things can never be the same

Things have changed

Looking into her eyes now they look at peace

The pain, sorrow and the fight has end

They join loved ones before

You are left to wonder

When can I see them again

The whole them, not a stranger

The person you knew

The one you call a second Mommy

The one that stood there and stood for you

No more an empty soul but the woman you once knew

A younger version of the old lady you once knew

A younger you that your grandma once knew

Someday both of us back together again

We have made ourselves whole once again.

Two souls young again

No more troubles of this World

But eternity to spend together

No more Alzheimer’s and no more pain

Those that were are put to rest

A New beginning for eternity

Dedicated to my grandma Alberta Delbert

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