Read Poem: Nature’s Creation By Lucy Caxton Brown

Now I’d like to pay tribute, if I may,

To nature’s God, And dare I say,

The wooden forests and grassy fields,

I’m talking of the rocky outcrops,

Beyond those treeless hills,

I’m watching the changing colors,

And the wide sky as it sweeps,

Sun striking golden beams

Upon the river, as it rests,

Where green pungent moss grows

And into this array of nests

The transient life-form blows

Yes, the clouds come,

And of course, they go too!

Some extremely fast,

Some really slow; Phew!

But when I cast my eyes below,

I can see all around,

All around you know!

Look how full of life,

The majesty of our creation,

There I go again,

Don’t marvel at what I said,

I’m talking silly in my head.

I mean to say of course,

The full majesty of natures creating,

Now that truly is what’s so amazing!

Taken from The Small Book Of Poems by Lucy Caxton Brown

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