Read Poem: LOVE BASKET by Silas Ola-Abayomi

Trapped in basket of love,
in love garden without
a lover;
her beauty sedates me,
just as it excites me,
she hypnotizes me with
elegance and
mesmerizes me with
golden tone.

Heart becomes
prison of love
and angel takes no
notice of it,
I lost-
in courtyard of love,
I traded for
sighting love-
in the house of
uncaring lover.

Enchanted by her
intoxicated by her smile,
from tree top-I watch
her step walk every
from roof top-I watch
her evening relaxation-
in the midst of sentry;
she care less about
my feelings.

Anytime-I see her-
I’m deactivated,
still her vivacity brings
me back to life;
anytime-she walks pass
brain grids become
eye turns automatic
camera to capture life

Anytime-she talks-
acoustics in me goes
to work,
mind composes lyrics
of love,
cochlea becomes mixer
of rhythm.

I’m dying of love-
but no one knows-
I’m walking on
sand of love
without a soul mate,
on sea side of love
I lie-just alone.

On top tree of friendship,
I mount without companion,
on edge of cliff-I stay-
reciting love song-
and no one to dance.

In the wild-I see animals-
in twos
but I’m alone,
in woodland-I see lovers-
holding hands,
but no one to hold.

I see them showing
no one to show me
Basket of love!
When will thou become
basket of companionship?

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