Read Poem: Knocking on the Door of My Heart by Vivian Dixon Sober

Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock
It’s been a long time since I felt my heart
But that’s what happened when our spirits merged

My heart was crushed
My girlfriends said they’d had enough
They don’t want to hear about that man again
Not his name
Not his game

He’d been my husband
A man I couldn’t shake
Until we went to hear the musicians play

When I entered the club
I was in the moment
You sat at the bar looking at me from afar
And walked across the room
To ask me if I was married

I said no
Everything becoming mystical
We sat down and our spirits merged
Felt like a refreshing breeze
I was free

I felt you knocking on the door of my heart
The door opened and you came through
I was finally free of the man who had haunted me
Knock, Knock
I felt you knocking on the door of my heart
You and I
You and I on the same plane if just for a short time

We danced
Our minds became instruments that were in sync
Our souls merged
Felt like a mystical breeze
You whispered Queen
My Queen

Your presence set my soul free
I’m not easy
I’m a woman connecting with my man

And you are my man
Knocking on the door of my heart
I am renewed
So glad I met you
Just like that you were the only love I knew

I’m not easy
Knock, Knock
I heard you knocking on the door to my heart
Dear God
Thank you
I felt you knocking on the door of my heart

Vivian Dixon Sober

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