Read Poem: Memories by Iddris Nyande

They have all become memories;
The world, the people, the walk.
All of which are behind my head,
The pictures as of days ahead, yet dead and gone.

Memories of the times on earth

where we rode,

The places we sat to oversee God’s Judgment.

When the rivers turned to blood;
When they became pure;
We saw!

Standing where the twelve stones fell;
Here we became family;
We saw!

That they have all become memories;
Days we remember;
Our souls yearned for someone to save us;

A man who grew from amongst us
but God sent from above us;
We saw!

Salvation gripping our trains;

that our flights went higher in dimensions:
Kingdoms in the air we built and today we’re here, we sit.

All have become memories;
These places where we rode.
On the back of horses, as Kings selected for the throne even before our eyes were opened.

Yet we had Hates and repeated failures.
We listened to trending rules,
People became indifferent towards us.

Humans delivered Justice;

a wrong step they took;

Because when the tables turned,

we judged them on this mountain;
the city of God.

We saw!

That they have all become memories;
When our Faith became too little to produce fruits;
And our sons became blind walkers;

Memories that for a while,
We saw demons with friendly faces;
And Angels with huge scars.
Yet we weren’t moved unto confusion.

Our confidence was in God; Unmovable.

Hope held us on!

Now we’re here;
Beholding all these things with loud smiles;

Seeing that perfection has made us now.
Our souls now have the flow of God.
The earthly Tabernacles;
Perhaps the worms beneath

these eyes we carry have had their shares of it.
The flesh of Gods.


What a glorious time is,
To live life.

What an opportune time it is to say;
Earth is now a memory!

Iddris Nyande

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