Read Poem: SWEET LITTLE BOY by Anamica Kumari

sweet little boy
sleeping soundlessly in my arms
a little drunk and a little clingy
he always reminds me
of how scared i’ve always been of loneliness
of how scared i’ve always been
of sleeping alone in a cold bed
when i’m seventy and sick
he always reminds me
of how i always believed myself
to be not loveable enough
especially when i first met him
for i wasn’t that feisty or insane
how i believed he must have liked his girls too
and he was everything that i wanted
i was a cry baby and i’d get down
on my knees too easily
you’d ask for anything and i would never say no
and so i believed he’d get bored of me too easily
for he was the kind who liked to be teased
with little games of tug-of-war
and liked having it crazy
oh honey sweet
when i look in your eyes
you always remind me
of why i’ve always loved the universe
for its mysteries so much
there’s a pleasure in loving something
that scares you just as much
and you scare me like life itself
i do not know what you see
when you look at me
i do not know why or how you say you love me
or for how long you can say you love me
for there’s only so long
you can be crazy for
for no matter how much you love the universe
you never get to stay
but oh sweet little thing
sleeping soundlessly in my arms
this, right now, will always be remembered
you taking off your guard onto the floor
pouring your sun in my hands next
like there’s no one you could trust more
and coming undone in my arms
like there’s no other home where you’d rather be
and promising me that you love me
this will always be remembered
and begged for
this will always stay
even when we let go.



Genre of the poem: romantic, sad, relationship, love

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