Read Poem: Your Eyes by Badradeen Mohammed

When the eyes look at the eyes
it is always a normal look

but when yours look at mine
it is definitely something else

I feel like there is no one in the room
except you, your eyes
and me looking at them

my blood pressure goes up
and suddenly down
with no signs of balance

I feel my body going outside the scope of gravity
and realize all what Franklin had said about similarities in physics
is true

and your eyes prove Newton wrong
as I fall up in front of them
not down as that poor apple did

and then, I forget about her and them
about me or him
about where and when

all I see is just you
with your adorable eyes

I see scattered messages all over the space of your eyes
I try to collect them
open them

read them or even translate them into love signs
but I seem to always draw blanks

I travel through your eyes
to the mazes of their charm

trying to manipulate the reality
but whenever I feel I almost got there

just something or someone interrupts our silence
and a pale smile will be drawn on my face

they are quite bossy, and like twisters
your eyes

I mean, I used to read girls eyes
but yours!
I’ve never seen as such as them

and I used to be a damn romantic
but time has played me roughly

so I can’t distinguish your romance
from your being nice

I admit the fact that I love them
and figured out my level of understanding

still hasn’t reached the level of your eyes speech so
I got high tonight

I thought might I, could I, be able to read messages
that your eyes had sent to mine from that point of highness
but I came from my journey with nothing but confusion

every time I try to run away from your eyes
I eventually bump into them

even tonight when I decided not to think of them
I accidentally wrote this poem

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