POETRY Written by Copy Kate

Here it comes just hold on tight,

We hear about it day and night.

I haven’t even started buying,

My Christmas cheer is slowly dying.

Got Christmas spirit another way,

It’s Baileys!-best drank at day.

Gotta buy crap I don’t need,

Plus ten people I need to feed.

Christmas dinner won’t be a mess,

If you cheat and shop M&S.

Not home made I have no shame,

All that cooking I’ll go insane.

I’m wrapping presents in a jiffy,

I’m using foil just like Smithy.

I’m writing cards with no joy,

And trying to find the latest toy.

If Argos says sold out again,

Oh so help me God, Amen.

I’m sewing tinsel on a dress,

My lounge is now a sparkly mess.

Apparently she’s a Christmas fairy,

I’ld like to know who the fuck got Mary?!

The nativity play is welcome bliss,

From the endless fucking to do list.

Santa’s getting all the glory,

What about the Christmas story?

School wants money I’ve none left,

Might consider a bank theft.

Christmas jumper day? oh fuck!

I’m trying to find it with no luck.

The gingerbread house is a flop,

The roof just won’t stay on the top.

My Pinterest Christmas is a fail,

I’ll hibernate till January sale.

My house looks like Santa’s grotto,

More is more that’s my motto.

Come on guys we can do it,

Pass the Baileys we’ll get through it!

Written by Copy Kate

Genre: Humour, Christmas, kids, family.

About poetryfest

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