Read Poem: Jamaica by Janet Audrey Wilson

Jamaica, an Island in the Caribbean Sea, North American Continent, where God Almighty is present in mind, soul and body of the people in love, strong, mighty, faithful and free,.. perpetual sunshine, green meadows, rivers embedded in mountains,hills and valleys, flowing into the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea, some rivers cascading into falls is a mystery in places yet to be seen, in creatures, caves, roads, yet to be paved, trails where hikers have left a mark for the opening of a camper or recreational natures park.

Jamaica, an Island to behold, where volcanoes uninterrupted and lava has not flowed, filled with gems I am sure, to be discovered, stones such as silver and gold, rich with foiilage of many shrubs and trees, the blue mahoe, lignum vitae and bamboo are hardy and indigenous trees, their woods, among these, a national flower blooms herein mentioned, as in the Ackee the national fruit, fully ripen cooked and eaten with spices and other mixtures as an entree or to compliment a meal;

Jamaica an Island in the in the sun, is for vacation and fun, blessed with all the fine things given, its uniqueness is for keeps, in the rhythms of reggae music and dance grooves as for the thrill to see a humming bird the nations tiniest and mightiest is also picturesque to many, another national symbol as the coat of arms representing ancestry and the flag of green, black and yellow, depicting the people, land and sunshine, resources in minerals, bauxite and agriculture where farmers are happy to reap the harvest sown, exhibiting produce they have grown.

Jamaica an Island in the world and universe is alive with people of all nations today, spectacular to bring about a greater intent of futures, of peace, love and greater prosperity and wealth as the people of the past are few and the knowledge of God Almighty last through and true….Jamaica, the people and land are blessed, come what may, caring for each other as always, being wiser in the advancement of technology…the era of machine and medicine…. proud and true in freedom, reign until the last of our days seemingly, naturally… Jamaica.

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