Read Poem: P A R I S by Natasha Anne Kelleher


On a Par is….. Paris
The Grand Dame of them all
Paris mon cherie
You are lover to us all
City Of Romance – we yearn to hear its call
The Champs Elysees – The Eiffel Tower
Pinnacles d’amour…. unashamedly we all adore

Coco Chanel, Toulose Leutrec
The Moulin Rouge its CanCan Dancers… how can we forget
Legends like Piaf that have no regrets
River Seine in the morning – then lit up at night
Imagine we are sailing on it, a lover in sight

The quartier La Marais with its boutique magasins
Pâtisseries delectable food displayed in colourful array
Coffee al fresco where lovers gaze into each other’s eyes
Then promenade to the Ritz
L’hotel that holds secrets
Of love’s arrows and inclandestine trysts

All over the world cities change
Yet Paris stays like a constant companion
Welcoming the curious, lonely and the lost
Healing and restoring them again back to sane
Recovering them resplendently from life’s hefty blame

Paris….. never fails to deliver……
A myriad of experiences setting hearts a quiver
Haute Couture Fashion feted around the globe
Excites women everywhere – teasing them, whoever they are….
To remember always…. to dare….to wear their beautiful robes

Artists still flock to the palette of the world
To dazzle, inspire and make art, our care
Whether they display their drawings dans la rue or at The Louvre
They do so with such joi di vivre and complete savoir faire

Ancient buildings sandy coloured and white
When looking upon it you could still be in another century
One of grandeur and political might
Renaissance or Baroque no matter where you look or walk
Paris… Paris…. is the city which incites us to turn curiosity’s key…..
Childlike a peep through the keyhole, then teasingly unlocked
Where we re-connect with our feelings and once again to take stock
Of lives lived, yet so much more to do,
So walk to the Arch de Triumph and stand afore it and swear
That Paris will have nurtured you once again and to pledge allegiance
To all of its secrets and the treasures found there…………….

Copyright:- Natasha Anne Kelleher 2011

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