Read Poem: The Courting of Death by Devin Burger

Genre: Dark Romance

I have crossed Death’s courtyard more than once,
In hopes that she will keep my heart for all the months,
For Death does love me so recklessly,
In her hesitance to claim me, accidental immortality,

What she considers reward,
Has become my double edged sword,
Every time I’ve tried to die we’ve danced through her orphic kingdom,
Before I utter once, her amaranthine lips again return me to life.

I’ve returned to the horrid living land,
Wandering lost I find myself a bench for I can barely stand,
This insufferable quandary has finally consumed my soul,
Doubled over now crying into my own hands,

Why can’t I die, why can’t I say,
That I would stand beside her every day,
How troublesome it is my hollow solitude,
Of heartbroken eternity,

For I so loved Death that I found no luster in life,
What will it take to finally end my repeated strife,
How is she so blind to how I feel for her as I’ve gone to her near ninety times,
My condemnation has reached its tantamount,

As if in answer to my tribulation, a stranger has come with murderous designs,
Against the waning moonlight his knife shines,
To commit the most apprehensive of crimes,
Thanks to this miscreant a barbarous scheme I have devised

If you should take my life, I have but one request,
Take your knife and carve a message upon my chest,
Do this deed for me I plead,
I shall give you all that I’ve accrued and sign the rights over to you.

With minor coercion, he set about his bloody work,
In finding my intricate solution, I died with a pained but knowing smirk,
Closing my eyes, I hoped for the final time,
In so few hours, I again returned to her.

In shock she saw me so freshly arrived,
My clothes matted with my blood for what I’d contrived,
Worried she rushed to alleviate my pains,
With my finger I halted her resurrecting kiss.

In her confusion, I removed my shirt so covered in gore,
That she might witness the scarlet cut message I bore,
As her gaze did alight upon my sigil,
Her lips began to quiver, and her courtly visage did fracture

Collapsing to her knees, she began to cry with such labored breath,
For unbeknownst to my most beautiful lady Death,
That I in turn did yearn for her,
And she grieved for all the decades we had lost,

I took her hand into my own and pulled her back upon her feet,
And held her close to know that we were finally complete,
I held her in a rigorous caress,
She unperturbed as my garnet ichor stained her from crown to corset,

Now she knows it’s her and only her that I admire,
For all my wanting she is all that desire,
For if I could not be with her,
Than life itself I did loathe,

Even as I bled on her, she grinned thrillingly up at me,
With my blood upon her face I wiped her red stained tears of glee,
And standing up on to her toes, with her amaranthine kiss she cured me,
Of my mortal wound and mortal heart,

This time though she kissed me with such fevered passion,
As was never before her fashion,
That I might know her answer to my question,
She pulled away and joyfully outcried Yes!,

Now our lonely eras ended, we rejoice in our finding,
That this redamancy was eternally binding,
All it took were these three words carved into flesh,
Let me stay.

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