Read Poem: Standing Here by Ms Jackson

I’ve been standing here. Informal, without my
head bowed, fingers unlocked, shoes on and eyes
open. But I’ve come as humble as I know how. You
see, my heart is grateful for your touch, and in as
much, I honor you. we as your people come to give you praise
never hesitating to say thank you! But sometimes
we’re ashamed to admit just how much we really need you.
We’ve been praying for peace, power and
protection, We’ve been frustrated without regret..
some have cried at the top of their lungs and yet
you’ve seem so far away. And everyday our hearts
longs for something to say just to get your
We often find ourselves dizzy from walking in
circles and when we try to run, our feet pounds the
sounds of echoes and foot prints are embedded in
hells surface from a heavy heart, a heavy soul and
all kinds of strong holds. Never stopping to
consider that we make the angels jealous…and we
got satan wishing he had another chance do what
we do. But at times our knees get weak and prayer
tends to be the last option we cater to. So we
encounter adoption papers of void fillers and
periodic pain killers to change our frame of
thought. We lay in emergency rooms for hours on
hours waiting on a cure for brokenness and an
antidote to sub-comb our stress. And we repent, in
attempt to apologize. And countless times our sin

has brought tears to your eyes. How soon do we
forget, where our help comes from. And at some
point in time our minds take note of our souls that
could be dangling from a rope. and with hope, we
return to you. Finally, there you are…arms open
wide waiting patiently in line or like a rainbow after
the storm or a silver lining not mistaken for a
shooting star..Inspite of what we’ve done,
darkness is just the space without the sun. See
God, society has tought us to see before we speak,
which turns our faith from you. and in lieu of what
we’ve been through, it often seems like the right
thing to do. But today, today we declare not to
leave like we came. We’ll exhaust ourselves in
exalting you. We vow to worship inspite of what
we’re going through, so when the day is done, the
battles been fought and the victory won. We know
even in the solitude of that 12 hour. you were
there. And because You so loved the world, we so
love you, we thank you for favor and the
abundance of your care. The tears that you so
gently wipe away. The second chances times
infinity. New mercies everyday. When my sins
should’ve sent me to hell, your blood covered me,
like the nails that tore your skin, broke your bones
just for me, to right my wrongs. For me…for we,
for us, You did it. As the cat of 9 tails stripped
away your human rights for the pleasure of agony,
you took the pain you were destine to bare. And

we dare to complain about life ain’t fair.
Nevertheless, here we are…standing. Sometimes
out of pain, when we’ve had all we can take, blood
pressure high, sugar low, broken hearted and
pennyless, feeble minded, weak in our souls, sinful
natured, vicious vocals, careless actions, unworthy
vessels, here we are. Exercising our rights of
worship. Of praise, in these last days, God, please
keep us. Draw us nearer, we plead for intercession
because we know not what we do. Know us,
strengthen us, we are desperate for change. As we
stand here. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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