Read Poem: Where’s Kendra, by Avi Shalem

Reflections of an inner soul rot..
Misbehaving miscreants
Forced to feed
A strong mutation
Pasts create misinformation
Heading towards an alien nation
Hoping for crash salvation
Like to chart new destinations
A hunter stalking desperation
In the weeds grave creations
Jubilee or tribulation
Darker days
Crave sedation
Toxic mindful
Grave creations
Headed fast
Sure damnation
I can’t seem to get a handle
I’m not sure she’s quite a handful
Where’s Kendra
Pitter patters rain like thunder
Oil slicks
Pain formation
And where’s Kendra
Pasts create misinformation
Lost inside inebriation
Forced to feed strange mutation
Toxic mindful
Grave creations
I’ m tired now I need salvation
where’s my Kendra?…


Read Poem: PEOPLE LIKE US, by Gladys Muturi

Genre: Humanity
There are people like us
Dress like us
Look like us
Think like us
Better yet they want to be like us
But they’re not us
They bleed like us with the same red color
But their type is not the same
Their skin is not the same
Could we be the same?
Why can’t they have same hearts?
And not divide into parts
They have hands just like us
Holding each hand by hand
They breathe like us
in the same ozone air, we breathe in
What makes them so special?
They are strong like us
They are brave like us
And they are like us
What’s the difference?
They are humans
People like us
They have heavy hearts like us
Some want to cry with us
Some want to laugh with us
Some want to hate
Most want to love
Why can’t we be in love? Is there love?
Will it ever enough?
Like you and I,
We smile to make our moments worthwhile
Do you see?
People like us
will learn to be who they are
will learn to struggle and strive
will redeem and live again
Born Again
will learn to love again
They love us,
We love them,
I love them

Read Poem: Starkweather, by Tyler R. Martin

Anyone who can go through life

Sober, free and clear headed

Without killing themselves or someone else

Deserves a fucking award.

Without the comforting

Tang of wine or whiskey

I would have been

Another basket case,

Another Starkweather,

Born to raise hell

And fanning

The fucking flames.

Read Poem: R.I.P Poetry, by Katie Wolffer

Rest in peace to my forgotten ideas

Ideas that may have been genius

Ideas that maybe have gotten me to go somewhere with my dumb fucking life

My dumb broke life

My rich, genius, forgotten ideas

The poor things must be cold

So forgotten, so alone

Maybe someone can save them

Or not,

Either way none of these ideas really mattered,

They never even existed,

So rest in peace

You will be forgotten

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Read Poem: THE END, by Sobaby Onwane

The end, like this;
Red colours and sirens
Handcuffs as I walk in
Moving to my cell
I heave a sigh of deep relief
Today my demons won
Tonight my exorcism will be complete
Officers and Wardens
Still unaware of my motive
Yet no rebuke, no chide…
May 11th I let it happen
Tears clogging my throat
That monstrous pain again
Dear Mom and Dad,
I did it.

I pull the trigger,
My Dog is dead!


Read Poem: For Katie, My Love, by Tyler R. Martin

This pissed off poet’s heart now resides
With the girl of green-blue eyes…
Her hair so blond he can only weep
With visions of it in his sleep

For his daily thoughts encountered doom,
As thoughts of her began to loom,
And cause his obsession it did grow
He bit her neck to let her know!

And she bites back, ain’t that cool?
He’s feeling like a drunken fool,
Falling fast, his brains on fire
Its burning up on Katie’s pyre

The perfect smile the beauty wore,
Shook the poet to his core,
Just a glance would make him moan,
He simply had to take her home!

And although this structure’s not unique
Fuck off with your dull critique,
For the girl of green-blue eyes
Is an angel in a girls disguise

Read Poem: Pixels, by Viktoria Emelkin

I am a leafless tree.
Green is fading to grey with every day
That turns into minutes
And seconds;
Time is picking up speed and taking off.
I can’t follow,
I am busy counting numbers and pixels.
Absorbed by the monotonous sounds
I don’t raise my head towards the other pair of eyes;
It’s not looking at me anymore.
I see shades of blue directed elsewhere.
Longing for the past,
Reminiscing of the lost,
Of the useless.
The dreary air is crawling into the lungs
And greying me out.
I am pixelating.
Now you can’t tell me from the pixels
That I was so busy counting.

Read Poem: Last night’s dream, by Tyler R. Martin

Sweet little girl with a teddy bear,
Standing almost naked on her porch

Eyes blue, perfectly round, large as dinner plates
Glimmering like jewels in the golden morning sun

I approach, smiling, leaning down to meet her eyes,
I ask her how’s life in her little world today

From her mouth comes the sweetest little voice
Telling me I’m a fucking asshole

Read Poem: smile, by Kajal Kapoor

it’s true what they say you know

about people.

those who never speak

have the most to say.

the ones who look the happiest

hold back the most tears.

the most kind and caring people

have experienced the most cruel and horrid things.

sometimes I sit and wonder


what did we do to deserve this pain that gnaws at us with all of its being.

how did we get to this point of sadness that it feels as though we’re lying to every single person we know?

can it ever stop?

because I don’t know if I can smile through it


Read Poem by Marisabel Park

There is no darkness when we want to see

There is no tiredness when our will wants to continue the road ahead

I have come to realized that years are days

And that a lifetime can be summarized in a short story…

I believed you were the one,

I believed we were meant to be eternal,

But you are just a short story…

You are just a day.

Marisabel Park, 2002