WE CAN DO BETTER, by Gladys Muturi

Genre: Social Commentary, Equality

We Can Do Better

Why is this happening to us?

All of the fights and disagreements

Why are we acting like this?

We’re not animals, We’re human beings

Let’s stop this

All of this is ancient history

Buried and Forgotten

Why we can’t work together?

We can fix things together

We can change together

Without fights or disagreements

No consequences

No warzones

Settle this like we have common sense

No more bordered walls or barbed fence

Just bridges and togetherness

We can stand together

Together we can do better

Blacks and whites

Religious and non-religious

Be better

Show the world how we can do better

Be better human beings

Do you think we can do better?

I know we can do better

Together we can do better


Why are the Police so Mean?, by Gladys Muturi

My Fellow Officers

I got one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?

Do you hate us?

Are we that bad people?

You say you guys are good cops but yet you’re acting like the bad guys

What does your badge mean to you?

To prove you are tough in this community?

You give me respect, I give you respect

But Where is my respect?

My respect from you is yelling when I asked what I have done

Pin hard against my body to the ground

Shooting at me without a warning or a question

Blocking the airway hole where I breathe

Until I blackout,

Knocked out to unconsciousness

Darkness with no movement or sound


Why does the Police have to be so mean?

Is it their job?

Your duty to end our lives?

I’m scared for my life

Does that mean I have to run and hide?

Does my life mean anything to you?

I stand for what I believe in

I stand for my life

I stand for all black people lives

I stand for everyone to be treated equally

My hope is your protection

Protection for all black lives

Black women, Black men, and Black children

No more knees on our necks

No more bullets without a warning

No more chokeholds

No more aggression

No more

I ask for love, loyalty, and respect

Isn’t it too much to ask?

I’m afraid what my future children would say, “Mommy, Why are the police are so mean?”or “Am I safe?”

What should I say?

Yes, the police are mean?

I don’t want to believe

I want to believe in the goodness in the world

But where is that?

Your duty is your promise

Your Promise to keep us safe

Where is your promise?

We don’t hate you, my Fellow Officers

We just want justice for our people

We just want the justice system to do better

We want you to stand with us

You don’t have to like us but help us

I have one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?

Read Poem: I HAD YOU BUT…, by Gladys Muturi

Growing inside me for nine months had me at pause
But now I realize why
Why now? I’ve come so far
’til I have taken a halt
I had you but now I’m sad
I can’t stop crying now
I overfeed myself to get the milk you deserve
My breasts swell in pain
Heavy like a pound ton weighing down on me
You’re not a mistake
You’re the best mistake
I wish I should’ve known better
No, it’s not your fault, It’s mine
Daddy’s not here, I’m here
You had me at hello around the clock
24/7, every week, morning, noon and night
Exhausted, no plans for me just you
I love you, but I’m powerless
My energy is drowned out
like a candle blown from the wind
I’m crying now
Yet you comfort me
I look up
I thank God I had you
I had you and I want to say “I love you”

Read Poem: PEOPLE LIKE US, by Gladys Muturi

Genre: Humanity
There are people like us
Dress like us
Look like us
Think like us
Better yet they want to be like us
But they’re not us
They bleed like us with the same red color
But their type is not the same
Their skin is not the same
Could we be the same?
Why can’t they have same hearts?
And not divide into parts
They have hands just like us
Holding each hand by hand
They breathe like us
in the same ozone air, we breathe in
What makes them so special?
They are strong like us
They are brave like us
And they are like us
What’s the difference?
They are humans
People like us
They have heavy hearts like us
Some want to cry with us
Some want to laugh with us
Some want to hate
Most want to love
Why can’t we be in love? Is there love?
Will it ever enough?
Like you and I,
We smile to make our moments worthwhile
Do you see?
People like us
will learn to be who they are
will learn to struggle and strive
will redeem and live again
Born Again
will learn to love again
They love us,
We love them,
I love them

Read Poem: BAD SINNER, by Gladys Muturi

Everybody knows I’m a bad sinner

I can’t compete because I’m not a winner

I have made bad decisions

I’m not proud of it

I have grown cruel of it

Makes me feel devious

Going after my ungrateful desires

I became Eve eating a bad apple from the sinners’ tree

Let the green snake slither between my cold feet

How did I get good at this?

Told too many lies

Dishonored my family

Committed so many bad things I shouldn’t do

I go to church every blessed Sunday morning

Kneeling down to pray

Praying to keep my sins away from me

I’m an addictive

I must admit it

I can’t stand being committed

I let the devil in my life

Sold my innocent soul

No refunds or exchanges

You can’t trust me

You can’t love me

Nor can even befriend me

I have a bad rep for being bad

Guess you can call me a bad guy

Or a bad girl

I’m a Bad Sinner

Genre: Devious, Lyric