Why are the Police so Mean?, by Gladys Muturi

My Fellow Officers

I got one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?

Do you hate us?

Are we that bad people?

You say you guys are good cops but yet you’re acting like the bad guys

What does your badge mean to you?

To prove you are tough in this community?

You give me respect, I give you respect

But Where is my respect?

My respect from you is yelling when I asked what I have done

Pin hard against my body to the ground

Shooting at me without a warning or a question

Blocking the airway hole where I breathe

Until I blackout,

Knocked out to unconsciousness

Darkness with no movement or sound


Why does the Police have to be so mean?

Is it their job?

Your duty to end our lives?

I’m scared for my life

Does that mean I have to run and hide?

Does my life mean anything to you?

I stand for what I believe in

I stand for my life

I stand for all black people lives

I stand for everyone to be treated equally

My hope is your protection

Protection for all black lives

Black women, Black men, and Black children

No more knees on our necks

No more bullets without a warning

No more chokeholds

No more aggression

No more

I ask for love, loyalty, and respect

Isn’t it too much to ask?

I’m afraid what my future children would say, “Mommy, Why are the police are so mean?”or “Am I safe?”

What should I say?

Yes, the police are mean?

I don’t want to believe

I want to believe in the goodness in the world

But where is that?

Your duty is your promise

Your Promise to keep us safe

Where is your promise?

We don’t hate you, my Fellow Officers

We just want justice for our people

We just want the justice system to do better

We want you to stand with us

You don’t have to like us but help us

I have one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?


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