Read Poem: I HAD YOU BUT…, by Gladys Muturi

Growing inside me for nine months had me at pause
But now I realize why
Why now? I’ve come so far
’til I have taken a halt
I had you but now I’m sad
I can’t stop crying now
I overfeed myself to get the milk you deserve
My breasts swell in pain
Heavy like a pound ton weighing down on me
You’re not a mistake
You’re the best mistake
I wish I should’ve known better
No, it’s not your fault, It’s mine
Daddy’s not here, I’m here
You had me at hello around the clock
24/7, every week, morning, noon and night
Exhausted, no plans for me just you
I love you, but I’m powerless
My energy is drowned out
like a candle blown from the wind
I’m crying now
Yet you comfort me
I look up
I thank God I had you
I had you and I want to say “I love you”