Read Poem: BAD SINNER, by Gladys Muturi

Everybody knows I’m a bad sinner

I can’t compete because I’m not a winner

I have made bad decisions

I’m not proud of it

I have grown cruel of it

Makes me feel devious

Going after my ungrateful desires

I became Eve eating a bad apple from the sinners’ tree

Let the green snake slither between my cold feet

How did I get good at this?

Told too many lies

Dishonored my family

Committed so many bad things I shouldn’t do

I go to church every blessed Sunday morning

Kneeling down to pray

Praying to keep my sins away from me

I’m an addictive

I must admit it

I can’t stand being committed

I let the devil in my life

Sold my innocent soul

No refunds or exchanges

You can’t trust me

You can’t love me

Nor can even befriend me

I have a bad rep for being bad

Guess you can call me a bad guy

Or a bad girl

I’m a Bad Sinner

Genre: Devious, Lyric