Read Poem: Where’s Kendra, by Avi Shalem

Reflections of an inner soul rot..
Misbehaving miscreants
Forced to feed
A strong mutation
Pasts create misinformation
Heading towards an alien nation
Hoping for crash salvation
Like to chart new destinations
A hunter stalking desperation
In the weeds grave creations
Jubilee or tribulation
Darker days
Crave sedation
Toxic mindful
Grave creations
Headed fast
Sure damnation
I can’t seem to get a handle
I’m not sure she’s quite a handful
Where’s Kendra
Pitter patters rain like thunder
Oil slicks
Pain formation
And where’s Kendra
Pasts create misinformation
Lost inside inebriation
Forced to feed strange mutation
Toxic mindful
Grave creations
I’ m tired now I need salvation
where’s my Kendra?…