Read Poem: Naked by Niki Bell

If I exposed your naked truth,
Who would you be?
If I told you about your reflection,
While looking at my own,
What would you see?
If your evolvement,
Left you lacking,
What would you call it?
Then?… And?…Now?…
You allowed the female prowess to defile you,
Now, that is not the Goddess way.
Then, You allowed the female Queen B,
To define you,
As you looked to the ground.
Then, she was always demanding what you could not deliver.
Now, A victim.
No, thank you.
Your baggage?
Leave it at the door please.
Your amazing jaded-jagged edges of a hundred tattoos,
Your unfaithfulness,
Her adultery,
You cannot hide soldier wounds.
So, if your evolvement,
Left you lacking,
What would you call it?
Then?… And?… Now?…
Do you look for someone to save you?
Women please! Ask yourself this!
Mr. Dick has left the building.
You are lost at sea!
Do you look for someone to save you?
If you look forward into the future,
Now, Your kids all grown up,
Now, you are alone.
You must learn to be.
Or do you save yourself?
Men? Do you save yourself?
Are you a man of courage?
Loneliness is a learned skilled.
Or have you no courage to save yourself?
Which is it?
The creation of a hostile world.
Where no love rest here.
Where the human heart goes untouched,
Because of past repression,
Your self-exploration lost to the times,
Where no man wept.
No confidence?
No backbone?
Are you simply a pansy?
Ripped of your manhood.
Blamed on changed woman roles.
Do you not have your own thoughts and views?
Whether they fit or don’t fit into someone’s conception of disturbed reality.
Or are you an alpha with much to prove?
Men? Women?
A narcissist waiting to attack, perhaps?
Or a gentleman with chivalry and half truths?
Your voice orgasmically sweet.
Because of the new age of female gender bigotry,
Scandalous hypocrites,
You may call them,
Rejected you are,
Some may well be,
Subjected to instant gratification all of gender’s inequalities,
In a nicely wrapped bow.
It is not my cause to make,
Nor yours,
Nor can I interfere with your journey,
But, such causes do not bring love,
Love is politically incorrect as it should be.
They bring division,
Love is not about equality,
Passive Aggressiveness,
Narrative dictation,
Bury me now!
Check please, she says.
Speaking for all women, she continues.
Do not speak for me lady.
Your struggle is not the same as mine, nor mine yours.
Own your own pain,
Do not speak on mine.
Love is not about fairness,
As he makes her lift all the boxes,
Because she can,
Decide what you can do for her from the beginning,
Or you will be lost in your own path.
Years later trying to redeem,
Your self-identity.
All in which you cannot ever get…
A strong foundation not built based on love.
And, when her back goes out,
She is suddenly seen as weak,
Denying her own self-preservation,
Unable to have foresight of what is to come.
Again, not your cause or is it?
When you humanize the desired result,
From wishful thinking to reality,
From the heart,
There is no cause,
There is only love,
In this hostile world.
Do not bring labeled hostility in the bedroom
I do not want to be subjected,
I want to be accepted.
No matter which way,
My legs open,
I want to be safe, strong, vulnerable, and emotionally stable,
Way before you enter me.
Held in your arms,
In the aftermath,
Of juicy honey dripping passionate sensation.
Time suspended for all eternity.
Swiftly through the clouds,
Pillowed mind,
The truth in a glory climax,
Rainbows of raptured love,
Take me now!
Tears of joyfully release for the both of us.
Naked truth.
Stilled in that twilight moment of ether.
I am human,
So take the categories away,
Account for being,
And be human,
Be a man.
Have a heart,
Because when you fall,
You will need a strong woman with a beating heart to help you up,
Not bring you down,
Not mother you,
But, a real woman.
Do not blame me or her or anyone else,
Not even yourself.
Take responsibility for whatever went wrong and move on,
Your belief system is a little skewed,
Based on societal views,
If you are unable to be naked in the mirror,
And speak to your reflection,
To me,
From your heart,
We drip the same colour blood,
Your nakedness exposes you,
To your own half truths,
As you make love to yourself,
In your one minute stance,
I will no longer be there,
Come when you are ready,
As you always will,
I have survived on less.
The ship will keep sailing,
But, I am not lost at sea.
When the storm wipes you out,
You will have nothing to stand on,
Not even yourself.
Is that how you want your story played over and over again?
You might want to learn how to feel,
And speak your truth,
Love you first,
Before you even think of loving me.
That my dear is the naked truth.
The ONE… Naked Truth.

Copyright © 2018 Niki Bell

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