Read Poem: THE SIMPSONS (2010) by Barrie Dudley Blake

Why are our cartoons always a mess,
With most of our family under continual stress,
Where everything we do seems upside down,
And everything we do goes around and around.

The Simpson’s Cartoons have an enlightening plot,
And they highlight the problems of the human crop,
With dysfunctional thoughts and dysfunctional deeds,
It’s clear that some should have been created as seeds.

A lack of discipline and purpose is the true cause,
Because parents now have abandoned parental laws,
It causes greed, graft, negligence and corruption,
And all of the faults that result in disruption.

Then where do they come from with their dysfunctional habits,
A lot of their actions are like ‘headless rabbits’,
Commonsense seems like a thing of the past,
And surely their brain is made of nothing but brass.

Those involved come from all walks of life,
And often include both the man and his wife,
It involves politicians, lawyers, accountants and more,
And all of the people we have learnt to abhor.

Well, they don’t have ethics, direction or meaning,
And their actions are continually completely demeaning,
Demeaning to all who seek positive direction,
And detrimental to all who seek restitution.

Well it’s not their fault, they don’t know any better,
Their parents couldn’t even raise a red setter,
It’s the fault of their parents through a lack of teaching,
And that’s why their problems are ever increasing.

It would be good if they could achieve restitution,
And restore human life to an honourable institution,
With ethics, integrity and personal pride,
And then their lives would become an enjoyable ride.

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