Read Poem: SIMPLE TRUTH by Clay Witkofsky

Dear god I’d like to take a minute to pray
I’d like to thank you for helping me find myself this day
I’d like to thank you for this pathway that you have designed
With only one person that’s me in mind

Now I always knew you could guide me I just didn’t know how as I’ve searched the skies above and looked for signs on the ground
But am completely amazed with what I have found
As you are speaking from above but it’s a feeling I receive
A feeling of energy good or bad
Now that I know it’s coming from you
I’ll know exactly what I should or shouldn’t do
It’s a feeling that warns me what’s up ahead
Or tells me what I should do instead
It’s a feeling that tells me no when I hear a lie
Or a feeling that tells me yea when I see someone I might like
It’s a feeling I will follow to find my destiny

Wow it’s the voice of you god, thank you I’ve found something down here that is actually true
But before I start to smile my life away
I’d like to say thank you for saving me today
And I’m sorry it took me so long to figure this out
I promise you I never had any doubt

I think it’s just the confusion of society
Always teaching and preaching who I should be
But I’m the only one to blame For allowing in pain
As I’m the only one who knows this soul
And just exactly where it wants to go
Now it may take me some time to train my mind
To understand these feelings inside
But I do believe in your sacrifice
And I will learn to follow your advice
As this is my simple little plan and chance to walk to the promise land

And I don’t want to go alone into my destination unknown
As I want to take this gift of life that I’ve been given’
Just like that box beneath the tree and fill it with nothing but excitement and simplicity
So hopefully I haven’t drifted to far away cause tomorrow I’ll get back on my own highway
I’ll start to justify my time by understanding this inner child of mine
And use this simple truth to walk with the confidence of being guided by you

Unfortunately for corruption and hell I’m gonna let the rest of the world know this little secret as well
But in the end I guess I always knew that good would follow thru

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