Read Poem: D0DG3 TH1S, by Asanda Sigenu

i write this in a drunken state with a sober mind and clear conscious
my distaste in the lie of Political Correctness feeds me lies in my dreams as cringe at every sound through my walls
so here i sit, with nothing but utter disgust at everything around me
and yet this thought of this letter sweetens my discord with all

And so

To you, you degenerate and low life

You who feeds on her undying capacity to love and forgive
You who feed her sweet nothings and rotten somethings covered in fragrances
You are nothing but a piece of filth
You are lower than filth
Preying on her naivety, of your false exterior of goodness
You are not a people – you are lower than the worms that crawl inside rats

The mere fact that you are unable to look within and see the disgust that i see is enough proof that you are what you are, sub human
Death would be to good for you, for this life you live is more than anything hell can conceive
No devil has ever been more debased and vile than you

You look at that innocent face and see nothing but your own desires being fulfilled
Your words are a poison no one should ever be subjected to but subject them you do

Spreading this disease you call reality when in truth it is but a mere perception of what you were subjected to in your own youth
Like a rape victim who denies what has happened to them your psyche has been morphed and tormented into the very thing you hate, a predator

Why do i even bother to say this you wonder, i say what i say so that you know who it is who will hunt and stalk you
Who it is that will watch you and follow you, prey on you as you prey on sheep

For as you i was subjected to the tyranny of madness but now my eyes washed clean and for the first time i truly see
In life you will torment them, so i will torment you
In death you will find no rest for i will follow you through to the ends of time

I am no hero and no heroine
I am the vengeance of innocence, arisen from the depths of a broken heart

My word shall be the last you will hear in the morning and first you will hear in the night

I shall be the demon in your shadow reminding you for all eternity of the evil you have done


Author: poetryfest

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