Read Poem: Her Confession!, by Thomas Jones

Yes I’m angry but do you even care

Time and time the pain I didnt want to bare

All I was searching was a smile

But instead I found this list that lasted a mile

Name after name instance after instance

I know why you started to provide that distance

Fuck me right or that’s how it seemed

Not even on my worst day could this be something I dreamed

Guessing this is what I deserved right

Dealing with this nonsense our future not looking so bright

Gathering space in the internal realm of my mind

Being nonchalant to the disrespect completely blind

Tried giving my all but then again how could I

Staring into your hard blank wishing this debate would just go by

Wanna know a kicker to all of this

There was one waiting on the downfall ready to supply bliss

Different day new song a whole new beat

The new, ready to go to battle never accepting defeat

Sadly i wasn’t looking recruit another

My savior was your love but you didn’t care to cover

Call it bullshit but you still must admit that truth

Guarantee they promise to keep the issues under our roof

Too many times I heard those stinging NOs

Meanwhile it was an cop out so you could be on the go

Well baby here’s your walking papers you are FREE

With all the emotions and logics I tried sift through I apologize for not being the wife you felt I needed to be

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