Read Poetry: Found, by Iddris Nya

Good night!
I dreadfully feared this phrase.
As it reminded me dark was nigh;

All after years of hiding myself in the quicksand of sin.

Ignoring all chances of redemption and sticking to my old grave plan;

“Live, marry and die”

An experience that led me harms way.

Each night was a time to reflect,
On the pictures that came,

Along with memories that drove me insane.

I doubted every bit of myself in the dark;
Mornings were lit with pretence and all thinking;

“He’s indeed a lovely boy”

Filled with wicked pride,
Scratch opening dead scars and turning them into painful and itchy sores was my occupation;

And like the man from Uz I loved this Job.

This story seemed impossible to end;
Until a book was opened, and a pen was picked,

Writing out every piece of word is joy I can’t explain;

I was found,
By a God’s blood;
Too much of these information spoils me;
These questions they ask.
Mobilising my grateful gut to speak;

There’s a certain man,
He came from heaven’s door,
His glorious apparel and being the world couldn’t take,

So they made for him a house with two crossed woods,
They said, “we’ve ended his light”

But he shone the more;
As this man was God’s own son.

Viewing from afar I was called unto an impactful association;

Under the shed of his blood,
Gradually my nightmare turned into history,

My recurring days revealed his glory,
Like the stars in the sky, he unmasked my sadly expressions,
Anointing my head with gladness,
My lips now taste sweet as wine.

I am found,
Ever dwelling in the beauty of his presence,
He changed me from being just an image,
to being his ever lasting essence,

My King, I became
My story, I rewrote.
My place, I found
And in him, my head is crowned.

By: Iddris Nyande

Author: poetryfest

Submit your Poetry to the Festival. Three Options: 1) To post. 2) To have performed by an actor 3) To be made into a film.

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