Read Poem: Everyone Deserves A Chance to Be, by Rita F. Kurian. GENRE: LIFE

They called me a little egg
No arms, face or legs
A little heart beating 24/7
A little soul, happy in oblivion
I loved my Mama’s voice
I would hear her speak
And my heart would leap with joy
I felt comforted within her warm walls
Felt safe secure as I never would fall

Then one sad cold day
To my deep painful dismay
I heard an evil stranger’s voice
He spoke about making a right choice.
Something did not feel right
Then suddenly, something
Hard and sharp ripped me like a knife
I cried Mama, “Help me, set me free!”
My Mama did not seem to hear me
That monster attacked me with sadistic glee
I felt so helpless, Mama seemed far away
My world turned dark and gray
And then I faded away

Moments later, an angel carried me up
Up beyond and I was taken
To My Creator
I got to learn the horrific truth
And my soul in sorrow did droop
For I learned my Mama wanted me to die
I heard this and started to cry
My loving Creator let me weep
And said, “I know your pain is deep
But in Heaven, rewards you will reap

Then He washed away my tears
And healed my pain and fears
He gave me a new body
And soon I was strong and sturdy

In time, I could forgive my Mama
Because you see
Right now, she still does not understand
She does not know
May she wake up
And in understanding grow
Before to eternity she goes..

I still ask her now
Mama, do you hear me?
If you do
Help others to go free…
May they never
End up like me…
Because everyone deserves
A chance to be

Rita Farhat Kurian

Author: poetryfest

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