Read Poem: Change in me, by Keenan Paul Petersen

The Change in me is not really about what you’re seeing.
It’s not about the person I was but merely about who I am becoming.
To notice my physical is like reading the words in this Page.
What I was looking for was a more mental, emotional and deeper kind of Change

When I first arrived here, thinking this place meant nothing to me.
Faces all around my bedside and non of you were anything like me.
Come to think about it, back in that day I wasn’t even sure what I was professing to be. I just wanted to be labelled a Me!

See I was faced with two choices, to Rise-up or surrender.
Assimilation was the name of my game, decided I was leaving the old ways behind me.
Socially different yet in some ways I stayed the same.
Through lessons learned I’m finding, let’s call it my own way.
Days pass and months go by, each day testing me to the limit; ethical difference and the terror of the unknown F.E.A.R the most I will not lie.

In my past falling back to old habits were my phases now past.
Looking to that future filled with no more beat down broken glass.
I have broken free of society and it’s mental chains.
Gotten rid of endless negativity and now I know what I see, reflections in my private mirror.
The true the real me has learned to refrain, abstain, sustain; and no longer is the future filled with disappointment and everlasting stains.

– @KeenanTheySay

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