Read Poem: Fear of Failure, by Tracy Stanley

Today is the day. Today is your day.
A new job – like a new book – a new chapter.
What will be inside?
Who will you be inside?
This noisy, nuanced and imperfect place.
A few words follow which are wistful and wise. Take heed.

It may take a while for to find your way. DON’T PANIC!
Expect times when you will be lost in the forest,
And others when you will soar high above the fray.

You will find your anchor
When you are preparing for battle and building your alliances.
Now, while these battles may bruise you
They will leave you stronger.

I know there will be nonsense
Like flotsam on the sea.
Accept this and embrace this.
This is organizational life in all its colour and majesty.

And never apologize for asking a question.
Seek what you want and
Recall the words of folk from Northumbria,
‘Shy bairns get nowt.’

And on those long and weary days
When you feel beaten and battered
As if you have, ‘not valued’ tattooed on your forehead,
Recollect that there are few things in life that cannot, not, be fixed,
By positive thinking, poetry and chocolate.

So, keep your friends close and your chocolate closer,
And remember, that you can only fail.
When you hold this thought tight in your hand,
And lift your hand up to the heavens,
It will fly away.

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