Read Poem: A Day in the Lake District, by Jacqueline Mead

With my husband by my side, I sit and reflect
Upon my image in the stream
At wonder in the changes of my being
The weather warm but windy, with oft a gentle spray of rain
I feel lively, lightness appears to be my gain

Sat at a spot of such beauty, it takes your breath away
Appreciating the silence, as you give thanks for the day
In front of you great Lakes of Water some world-famous being sailed or swam side to side
Behind you in contrast high Peaks and Mountains, waiting to be climbed
There are paths to be walked, Roman Forts to be found
Cruises to be taken, bikes to ride, hidden gems all around
Ice creams to be bought, footsteps to be walked
Pubs, Cafes, and Restaurants by the Water sought
There is history to be lived amongst the many Villages
There is romance to be read in Poetry of old
Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey Poets of pure gold
Their stories and Poems, their legacies, forever being told

Dear Poet, pick up your Pen and paint a picture with your words
Tell the world your thoughts, let your voice be heard
Be it Romance or Nature that lets your mind wander free
I am your reader, paint your picture solely for me
I promise to take great care with it, treat it respectfully

Here’s thanks to all Poets new and old
Poets of great treasure with stories yet to be told
Do your best as Wordsworth, Byron and Coleridge, truly did
Be inspired light your candle, and be truly glad you lived


Author: poetryfest

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