Read Poem by Arattrik Biswas

Maybe I was meant to be this way.
A broken ugly mess.
Don’t know where I’ll go from here.
Dreams I dream less and less.

I know you think you don’t deserve me.
Or anything I do for you.
And you have fallen so many times.
You don’t believe anything to be true.

It’s hard to believe that life is fair
When I’ve fallen my last step.
Further and hopeless, distance grows.
There is but the ultimate escape.

I know you feel like this is the end.
But I’m with you till the end.
And if you fall get right back up.
Your armour, only you can mend.

I wish I could have your strength.
I wish I could be more like you.
I wish I was anyone but myself.
There is so many things I wish I didn’t do.

It’s never too late for you to stand.
I’ll give you all the strength you need.
I can nurture and care all I can.
But I can’t germinate a seed.

Do you think I have not tried?
I fall every moment I stand.
I’ve tried and lost my last breath
My hourglass has run out of sand.

I wish I could make you believe.
I don’t never want you to go.
Tell me why can’t I follow my heart.
And tell you what you need to know.

This is my battle, this is my fight
I can’t let you come and see
You are my last sacrifice I’m making
You have to stay away from me.

You are always worthy of saving.
I will fight everything for you.
Why can’t you accept after everything.
I will always and forever love you.

And I always did, that’s the reason.
I’m leaving you and everyone else.
I can’t look at my reflection.
And let you near someone who fails.

You leave and I’ll follow you.
Through the gates of hell.
I’ll tame the Furies and Cerberus,
I’ll hammer in Hades’s last nail.

You should not have come for me.
I’ve fallen and become ruler of this race.
Now this is your last battle symphony.
And I, your nightmare in flesh.

No matter what you may become.
You will always be my own.
No nightmare can frighten me.
Losing you is the worst fear I’ve known.

Finally I lay here in your arms.
As how it always should have been.
Blood flows freely from my soul.
As my body feeds the green.

This isn’t what our story was.
This cannot be how we lose.
Without you there is no me.
Your blade has now but one final use.

Live for your life my dove.
I was far too gone to pause.
One last wish upon a star.
That you find your lucky cause.

I promise your memory I’ll hold.
And cherish every day just the same.
And every time I see a star.
I’ll think of you and whisper your name.

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