Read Poem: Clarissa and Charley, by Ingerid White

There was a tall lady who liked to wear hats
Sometimes, it is said, they contained even bats
When asked why she did this, she only would stare
And say, “But my dear, one has to have flair.

“And besides, there’s a hole at the top of my head
That must even be covered when I’m in my bed
For what would I do if my brains leaded on out
Without so much as a warming or shout?”

To church she would go with her latest ensemble
And all would admire her amazing aplomb
For her hats made her taller by half than before
And match, they must, every outfit she wore

Her husband, by contrast, was only 5’3”
He suffered the glances of all who were free
To gaze at the couple who sauntered on in
Suppressing the urge to let go of their grins

The lady herself was all goodness and grace
Her husband, undaunted, just quickened his pace
Though love her did, and all the way through
He hastened to light on his favorite pew

For though she was truly the one of his dreams
He never adjusted to be with her seen
So after a time, he stayed safe at home
And let his wife go to church on her own

But always and ever they remained a pair
Loving and laughing and having friends near
Though rarely together they welcomed a guest
One of the other was always at rest

Or working or playing or doing a chore
Regardless of this, their friends wanted more
Of Clarissa and Charley, who dressed to the nines
And share with their friends their dearest of wines

– Ingerid White, 2009

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