Read Poem: The Nigeria Factor: And It’s In Dependence, by Akinsola Oladayo

A hundred and five years since amalgamation but still play the blame game
In dependence!

Fifty nine years since independence but it seems like retrogression
In dependence!

With absolute decadence in democracy and abuse in the rule of law
In dependence!

Governed by the hiding vices of Neo-colonialism and external influence
In dependence!

Clouded by the guise of gullibility, and corrupted by the decays of corruption
In dependence!

Divided by limitations of religion and tribalism
In dependence!

Clouded by the covers of nepotism and favouritism
In depende

With freedom of speech being silenced by the voice of dictatorship
In dependence!

But we lied, when we cried and said the labour of our heros shall not pass

We disobeyed the call and failed to arise as compatriots when we politically abused the privilege to serve

Our actions betray our words when we claim “one nation bound in freedom”

We lied when we claimed education is the key to success, only to discover a change in lock, when we got the keys

We lied when we claimed youths are the leaders of tomorrow, while we still have old folks lurking after the greed of power

We’ve all betrayed our country
Yes we all have
If we haven’t, tell me the cause of agitation for a Biafran State
Tell me why there’s a lack of address to the periodic man slaughter by killer herdsmen
Tell me why anyone would hate or get scared of this truth i speak and share
Tell me why there’s a national division in the names of Oduduwa Nation, Arewa, Middle Belt and Biafra

Maybe we shouldn’t have ended our anthem with PEACE and UNITY

Maybe there was a country, or should i say there was hope for a country

Perhaps, what we see as INDEPENDENCE is actually In Dependence

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