Confluence of Influence

A Legacy of Supremacy

Venue of Violence

Or Actions of Silence?

Noxious Wars of Attrition

That they call The American Condition.…Now it’s Called “An Active Shooter Positions” 

Our Veils of Contrition….

These Deliberate, Malignant, Fruitless Human Cognitions….

A Visual Wontoned Hemorrhaging of Our Youths,

A Mass, Crass, Strife,

A Wanton Destruction of Human Life,

Attenuation amidst Pertinence,

However Leaves The Victim’s Mute…

Massacre’s, Expiry’s, and Quietus….

Yet Uprisings Apparent and Aloof.

Archaic Lenses must be Translucent,

And Pristine,

If the Fraternity of Humanity ever Wishes to Succeed.

This, a Feral Nation’s Decree.

A Call to Action,

or Proclaimed Eradication,

Our Nation’s Darkest Factions.

beg you……..

A Whispered Plea,


Or A simple Derive…..

In Hopes of Utopian Tranquility,

Cessation’s of Life, 

A Plethora, Of Innocent Absentee’s

Some Now, Only the Blind Can See,

Will We?      Shall We?

Ever Not Cease to Grieve?……..