Watch the Top Poetry Readings of 2019

All readings performed by professional actors.

Poetry Reading: AI! AI! AI! (A Tatarus for Youth), by David Estringel

Poetry Reading: ABOUT YOU, by Joyce Villeta

Poetry Reading: DAUGHTER OF THE DUST, by Fadrian Bartley

Poetry Reading: He Looks Human To Me, by Elly Paul A. Tomas

Poetry Reading: GENERATION, by A. Brown

POETRY Reading: Bully, by Travaughn

POETRY Reading: End, by Christine Bolton

POETRY Reading: THE DEVIL’S CLUTCH, by Kevin Parish

POETRY Reading: Almost Homeless, by Perry Terrell

POETRY Reading: The Old Man and the Tree, by Andrew Smith

Poetry Reading: SURREAL, by Megha Sood

Poetry Reading: THE TALE OF MARK, by Jacqueline Mead

Poetry Reading: Under One Sky, by La Gina O. Gross

Poetry Performance Reading: Families are the treasures of heaven, by G.B. Smith

Poetry Reading: MORBID DECEIVER, by Bob Mazzei

Poetry Reading: ASPIRATION, by K. Exum

Poetry Reading: Before It’s Too Late, by John T. Leonard

Poetry Reading: BOOTS, by Stephon Void

Poetry Reading: INNA BFLAT, by Sharon M. Musgrave

Poetry Reading: LET THIS DAY, by Katarina Jovcevska

Poetry Reading: NIBBLES, by Sebastian Hales

Poetry Reading: I Wanna Fruit You, by Marcus Graham

Poetry Reading: The Spiderman, by Paul Wood

Poetry Reading: Simple Truth, by Clay Witkofsky

Poetry Reading: Wine and Dine at 9, by Michael Villalobos

Poetry Reading of: Homlo: Life is about the Light, by Bheku Khumalo

Poetry Reading of: Lucifer’s Grief, by Charbel Tadros

Poetry Reading of: Country of Long Winters, by Paul Bamberger

Poetry Reading: 12:20th Freestyle

Poetry Reading: Fara, Fara, Fair as Light by Nadia Bruce-Rawlings

Poetry Reading: The Lament by Cleveland W. Gibson

Poetry Reading: The Battle Within by Maurice Williams Sr

Poetry Reading: SHADOW LIFE by Keith Mark Gaboury

Poetry Reading: Rapture of the Mind by Kelly Loraine Stearns

Poetry Reading: Prosecco Blond by Roger Hayman

Poetry Reading: Dan’s Bogey Wall by Si Baker

Poetry Reading: The Knight and The Dragon by Brian T. Sluga

Poetry Reading: by Bare Imagination by Gabriel Saldie

Poetry Reading: Run Mama Run by Ruth AKA Rhscribbles

Poetry Reading: Unanswered Call by TAK Erzinger

Poetry Reading: Saint – Kathleen my Mum by Patricia Poulos

Poetry Reading: The Bombing of Tabriz by Mary Freericks

Author: poetryfest

Submit your Poetry to the Festival. Three Options: 1) To post. 2) To have performed by an actor 3) To be made into a film.

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